Blackbird+ Video Premiere: Navin Kundra “Jind” Ft. Alison Gabrielle

The romantic layers of Navin Kundras “Jind” featuring Cellist Alison Gabrielle is perfectly paired with the simple moves captured in Newland Manor in the UK. About the new music video, Kundra states, “For me, ‘Jind’ as a song is all about the simplicity and depth in both the lyrics and the music, which is why we chose to produce a music video like this. We filmed it in the gorgeous surroundings of Newland Manor and it was a real pleasure to have the original Cello player, Alison Gabrielle, fly in from India to feature in the video with me. A lot of you had asked me for an English translation of the lyrics, so we decided to put that in the video too. And finally, I was lucky enough to have two of the best musicians I know also join me for the shoot.”

Directors Ashur Yelda and Nyrone Persaud visualize the love ballad produced by Ramzi and Paul Sampson in addition to Navin Kundra. The collaboration ultimately yields the feeling, as it says in the video, that ‘love is life’.

You download Navin Kundra’s latest single, ‘Jind’ today at: Send in your proof of purchase to to receive a FREE Thank You Gift from Navin AND you’ll automatically get entered into the #JindPrizeDraw to win some AMAZING PRIZES!


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